Water Dispenser

In China, a lot of things have a tendency to break down. For instance this water dispenser which started to leak all of a sudden. Well, it was second hand but anyway the general attitude is to use everything for as long as ever possible. Taobao to the rescue! The biggest online store in China full of everything with fake and authentic versions. It is simply remarkable how much stuff you can find from there. So I simply checked the serial number from behind the water dispenser, and put that in the search which resulted in heaps of sellers of spear parts to the old machine. A few bucks and two days later they were home delivered and my water dispenser is like brand new.. 🙂

Kung Fu Show

The Kung Fu Show

One day I was innocently walking in Dongcheng District of Beijing on my way to see the glorious Temple of Heaven. On one pretty ordinary side street with a bunch of ordinary buildings and a hotel, there it was the even more glorious Kung Fu Show! I had heard of it before, but the theatre building just struct me with it’s bright red lights glowing out of the building. I have never seen the kung fu show myself but from the outside it looks like some electric light show. Now I would expect kung fu to be more a traditional style but obviously this one has been made into a mega spectacle buster kind of show=) One of the most curious things I have bumped into in Beijing. Maybe one day I’ll end up inside, who knows.

Pulled RickshawHere you can see a rickshaw driver in his element, the sleeping element that is. You see what happened over time was that the athletic rickshaw drivers traditionally roaming throughout the city are now used to the tourist dollar. Money has brought different values to the business, it’s more for show and tell and they don’t need to take you anywhere if you pay too little. So in downtown is just four tourists, nevertheless a lot of fun but just watch out for your wallet. A ride can become a three number figure if you fail to negotiate the price accordingly.

Panda Mania

China is pretty nuts when it comes to anything about pandas. Besides the giant pandas at the 2.5 acre Panda Hall at the Beijing zoo, you can buy endless amounts of panda crap all around the city. These in the picture are some deadly cute toys they sell at the zoo. If you hit the city during the summer you can even wear a panda hat to cool you down. A noteworthy mention is that panda meat is not readily available at most restaurants, so good luck finding some!


Respect goes to this foreigner who has a business building and maintaining Table Football games in Beijing. These classic game platforms are mostly made of wood with ash trays added to each corner (how convenient is that!). Basically any bar or venue can get the game for free but you have to pay to play it. While the venue receives free maintenance they share the profit, which mostly goes to the owner of the game.

Try to spot one of these in downtown Beijing!