Beijing Life

I’ve been using the WordPress blog for quite some time now, but as some of you might or might not know it is blocked in China. While a lot of blogging platforms are not, usually the biggest ones are. Of course it’s because there is no censorship here, which for anyone who lives here is just the plain old reality. Something that you get used to fast. That is of course, if your internet is in working order. But often enough there are problems, not just because of connection speeds. Circumventing the great firewall of China is pretty essential if you want anything done, the western way. It’s not just about WordPress blogging, but obvious that reading news or even accessing your favourite video stream needs can be inaccessible without “methods”.

For a long time, VPN has been the number one way to achieve all this. Nowadays, it’s just one way out of the many. While important, you need to have other methods ready for use. Shadowsocks, Spdyproxy & Cisco to name a few. PPTP you can already throw out of the window, but having the right VPN is still vitally important. Just recently the service I had been using was totally unusable and I have been looking for a new one for a week. Finally, I found ExpressVPN which has a 30 days free coupon. That is great of course for those who don’t believe me first (such as myself) and want to try things out.

As a thumb rule I could say, that you need to use the VPN connection for at least 30 days to know if it works or not. And I can finally say that, ExpressVPN has done it’s job! Cheers and greetings from Beijing, China! –Jackie


The Golden Mask Dynasty Show

Anyone, who likes a visual feast should love this performance. However, the Golden Mask is much more, than just stunning tricks and impressive choreography. Above all, it’s a legendary story from the history of China. A legend, that was born from the dead, when it landed to it’s home at the OCT Theatre in Beijing. This performing arts venue is one of the top in the city, with a massive crowd of visitors coming to see it every single day of the week. Obviously a lot of money has been put into the production, in order to go big stage.. but something better than money, which is dedication is abundant throughout the performance.

Once you see this show, you cannot help to recommend it to everyone. Known as The Golden Mask Dynasty Show, it is suitable for the whole family.. while making sure, that excitement reaches up to the roof! The story is about a queen, who goes on a quest to create the greatest dynasty in the history of China. This dynasty is known as the Golden Mask, which is one of the biggest, yet unknown tales from the history of what is now known as the republic of China. Highly recommended and a must for any visit to the city!

Just roam the Beijing streets, toward the Happy Valley and you cannot miss the huge OCT Theatre building. Check out, the golden mask!!



Acrobatic Show in Beijing

And another mind boggling performance in the city that doesn’t sleep enough. This little gem that’s far from little is Chaoyang Theater, with mind blowing acts inside a huge seating space. Lion dance is probably the most famous and classic act here and there’s modern stuff as well. Cage of death is a daring act where dozen or so motorcycle guys drive around a circular cage in pit black. This ought to entertain the ‘ell out of you!

Check it out if you are in town.

Acrobatic Show in Beijing

Beijing hosts a variety of excellent acrobatic performances around the city. However there is one spectacular show that stands out from the rest in a stunning manner. The Beijing acrobatic show called “Legend of Jinsha” is known for it’s dazzling appearance, in both decorations and performers clothing. As you can see from the picture, there is no lack of detail.

Combined with intense music, the atmosphere is heightened to the max during this hour long show. Known as the “Pride of Beijing”, a theatre that has operated for more than 10 years keeps entertaining more and more visitors in the city.

If you want to see the most beautiful spectacle in Beijing, this acrobatic show is your best bet!

Shanghai Circus World

A bit off from Beijing, the second biggest Chinese HQ is the gorgeous city of Shanghai. There are many sites that make one wonder how far China has evolved in modern architecture of example! The picture is definitely from one of those marvels, the Shanghai Circus World is a stunning sight especially at night time. It’s like a huge glowing ball in the middle of nowhere. Inside, a world famous acrobatic show is being performed. Check out this acrobatic world if you are in Shanghai! <- “Show Shanghai” a Shanghai Nightlife Guide will tell you more about it if you are interested.