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The Golden Mask Dynasty Show

Anyone, who likes a visual feast should love this performance. However, the Golden Mask is much more, than just stunning tricks and impressive choreography. Above all, it’s a legendary story from the history of China. A legend, that was born from the dead, when it landed to it’s home at the OCT Theatre in Beijing. This performing arts venue is one of the top in the city, with a massive crowd of visitors coming to see it every single day of the week. Obviously a lot of money has been put into the production, in order to go big stage.. but something better than money, which is dedication is abundant throughout the performance.

Once you see this show, you cannot help to recommend it to everyone. Known as The Golden Mask Dynasty Show, it is suitable for the whole family.. while making sure, that excitement reaches up to the roof! The story is about a queen, who goes on a quest to create the greatest dynasty in the history of China. This dynasty is known as the Golden Mask, which is one of the biggest, yet unknown tales from the history of what is now known as the republic of China. Highly recommended and a must for any visit to the city!

Just roam the Beijing streets, toward the Happy Valley and you cannot miss the huge OCT Theatre building. Check out, the golden mask!!